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Better than Nothing

I’ve been neglecting this blog shamefully, I know. But today I am getting back to things a little. A very little. It was better than nothing. Today, I was really busy working on a project that needed to be finished … Continue reading

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Some days are like this…

You just don’t feel up to large cleaning projects…or much of anything else. So…it is a good thing that I did a couple of extra projects last week that I can talk about today. 😉 As a continuation of the … Continue reading

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Here’s the Deal…

I’ve decided to keep at it, and I have a plan. Having a set day for each blog is working on the other two, so I have added this one to the rotation. I will be blogging on this site … Continue reading

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Well, Not as Good as I WANTED…But Better That It Could Be :)

I wanted to do a blog post daily, and have something cool to report. Well, that isn’t quite happening, but I still have a clean bathroom. I still have cleaning happening. And BEST of all…look! Can you believe that is … Continue reading

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Any Progress is Better Than NO Progress…Right?

It feels like I got little done today, but I didn’t get to cleaning until after I blogged for riewriter.com, submitted today’s submission, discussed publishing details for the anthology…so, yeah. Doesn’t look like much, but several trips up the stairs … Continue reading

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Baby Steps…

Today was a really rotten day. First, my car wouldn’t start right after I paid the insurance and I had to call Newell to rescue me. Then, my laptop decided that the password I have been using since I set … Continue reading

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Resolving to be Resolved!

Now, I promised to keep this blog current this year, and I will. Today was spent in the relatively minor cleaning of my inbox of submissions for the anthology I am editing. It might not seem like much, but it … Continue reading

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